Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Inside my Connecticut Home

As I'm making my journey down to Florida today, I thought I would show you the inside of my house in Connecticut. The place I've called home for the last four years. The place where my hubby will remain for another month as he completes projects to boost traffic and hopefully land a sale.

This past weekend was spent working on each room of the house - cleaning and staging with minimum furniture, clutter, and personal details. We were up by 8am each morning and worked for 12-14 hours each day. We've moved boxes from room to room, put them in closets, and lined them in the unfinished part of our basement.

Can you believe the blue room that I staged as an office is actually where I did my makeup and housed all my clothing and shoes? It was totally girly (albeit the blue wall paint from the previous owner) and was often filled with empty J. Crew, Zara, and Asos packages and boxes. We originally planned this room to be a relaxing library where we would hang out and read books. That never happened. Instead, I took over and stored almost all my wardrobe in this room.

Our other upstairs bedroom was our guest room where my sister and her husband and my mom and stepfather stayed while they visited from FL. I was in a shabby chic phase when I decorated this room. Hubby gave me free reign with this room and it proved to be quite cozy for our guests.

So that's the upstairs. Would have been awesome had we had a bathroom in between the two rooms. However, we do have two bathrooms. One on the main level and the other in the basement. We tried to keep them looking similar and painted them the same color. Other than paint, the main level bath remained unchanged from the previous owner. And although it has a bathtub, I really miss my garden tub in previous houses. It's a requirement in the next house.

The basement bathroom is a 3-piece. We replaced the vanity, toilet, and added an Ikea storage unit. This is hubby's bathroom. It's about half the size of the main level bath. Hubby also painted the wall tile because it had tacky flowers all over it when we bought the house. Same with the tile in the shower. A border of flowers. Ewwwww.

Even though our kitchen has the original wood cabinets and the appliances could use some updating, we made the best of what we had with some paint, new ceiling fan, stainless steel light and outlet plates, t-bar handles on the cabinets, and artwork. I got the idea of painting the cabinets a steel gray from HGTV's Colorsplash. We had an existing blue-gray tiled floor in the kitchen that we didn't want to rip out so I had to find some paint colors that would work. Light gray, dark gray, and a back splash of burgundy really made the kitchen seem more modern than when we bought it (previous owner painted every room baby blue and pastel pink - and she had no kids!).

We carried the light gray wall color into the hallway and into our tiny master bedroom. I wanted to keep the master bedroom very gender neutral so hubby wouldn't feel like he's engulfed in a bed of roses.

The first weekend we moved into our house, we immediately tackled the paint color in the living room. I wanted something calming and that reflected the beachy neighborhood we live in. I chose two similar green hues.  We've also been through a couple of TV stands once we sold the monster projector TV hubby had before we met. Since we don't have a fireplace, we have an electric fireplace within our TV stand.  We also have the gel fireplace in the bedroom that used to hang in the living room before we got this latest TV stand.

The biggest home improvement we made was in the basement. Our basement was partially finished when we moved in. But it had old carpet, large horizontal wood planks on the lower half of the walls, and one dark, dim overhead light box. We brought in an electrician and redid the electrical throughout both the finished and unfinished sides of the basement. We also had a couple of guys come in and completely strip the walls down to the studs and put up new drywall. Last July while I was visiting family in Pittsburgh, hubby surprised me by painting the entire basement and installed the $100 tile we found at the Habitat for Humanity store in Stratford, CT. I'm really pleased with how the basement turned out. But so glad to move back to a state where there are no basements. Basements are wet, smelly, and flood easily with sump pump or plumbing issues. It will be nice not to have to worry about basement flooding due to power outages or days upon days of rain. Our basement is dry but when we toured homes up here before buying, I was appalled at some of the basements I walked in to. One basement still had dirt walls that looked like they were ready to collapse at any moment.

And of course you've seen our backyard as that has been the area we take almost all the pics of me in my daily outfits. I'll have to work out a new location once I'm in FL and I will be taking the pics for the next month (unless I can get my sister to do it but she's a teacher and has to be a work while I'm still sleeping).

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  1. Hi Niki,
    Looks terrific, ready for showing and great narrative as always! Lots of hard work especially in this weather.
    Wishing you both all the best and a kiss for Miss Woozie.
    Look forward to your posts from Florida.

  2. Nothing shabby about this house at all!!! The block behind my house consists of all Cape Cods. Some people think they're too small but I adore them. I really wish we had considered buying one when we bought our house almost 20 years ago. To me, they are the perfect size for a couple or a family with a kid or two. Anyway, yours is absolutely lovely.

    And your outfit with the blue lace blouse? Lovely too! It's so flattering on you.

    Hope you are having a safe trip and I look forward to hearing how everything went.

  3. Very lovely home. I like the neutral color scheme and thing it is very well staged for a quick sale.

  4. Thanks everyone! Woo and I are at a rest stop outside DC. Making good progress.