Friday, August 10, 2012

Dressing for a Different Climate

A lot of you have been wondering how I'm going to start dressing for a warmer climate, so I thought it would be a good time to show you some things that have caught my eye for fall.

Fortunately, most of my clothes will transition nicely in Florida since I own a lot of "office-appropriate" clothing. It always seems to be cold in the offices I work in so long sleeves won't be a problem. About the only items you won't see anymore are overcoats and my fur vests. I will miss wearing my "conductor" blazer during chilly weather. Maybe in January/February when we get a few cold snap days, I'll be able to wear some of the heavier blazers. Otherwise, I'll be wearing my typical skirts and tops that you've seen me wearing in Connecticut. Typically August in CT is just like August in FL - hot and muggy.

So some of these items are on my 'ooohh I likey' list and others are on my 'yeah, I already bought it' list.

I love jewel tones, and green with navy or black in a big floral print is a must-have for fall. I love that this top from Asos has the rich fall colors but is great for warmer climates because of the sleeve length.

As soon as I saw these lovelies on The Chloe Conspiracy, I headed to the Zara website to buy them. Unfortunately, they were out of stock in most sizes. So I checked back a week later and was able to scoop them up. They arrived the other day. The back feels a bit stiff and will probably induce blisters so I'll need to band-aid up my heels or find another alternative. I ordered these in a 7.5 and they are marked "38" on the sole. They measure like a size 8 as they are 9.5" in length.

Think you have to wait until the weather cools down in Florida to wear leather? Nope. Check out my new leather t-shirt obsession. Until I can find a leather tee that doesn't cost me $600 like this Ohne Titel one, I'll just have to keep scouting.

Today marks my last day at work in the ever-dwindling accounting software office I work for. We had four people quit in the last couple of months (3 in the last month alone). I'm really looking forward to working for a bigger company and learning new aspects of my job. So I'll have some canned posts for you next week while I'm traveling down to FL. I leave on Tuesday. Miss Woozie and I will be traveling with a packed car and will hopefully get in late Wednesday night. I will then be registering my car, getting my new driver's license, and checking out places for us to live until the house in CT sells.

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  1. Best of luck on your journey to Florida. Next week is my last, so we'll both be starting our new jobs around the same time. At least I'm not alone. : )

    Have a great weekend!

    1. It's a very weird feeling right now as I see moving boxes all around me, am unemployed for one week, and just signed over a power of attorney to my lawyer this afternoon since I won't be here when (if) the house sells. I have a few more closets to pack and need to work on packing up my bathroom. Looking forward to getting down to FL and finding temp. housing options so that hubby can come down in a few weeks. Also looking forward to starting my new job. But am so tired. Hopefully I can get a bit of rest this weekend before my long journey starts. Good luck with your new job, Kathy!