Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Lace

You know you have on a pretty outfit when you get stopped by a complete stranger wanting to know exactly where you got your lace shirt. She then proceeded to tell me she is looking for the same color combinations and a lace shirt for a casual wedding because she didn't want to wear a dress.

This is what I wore on my last day of work. For the most part it was an uneventful day. My co-workers took me to lunch, I had my exit interview with HR, and then I went to my attorney's office to sign a POA to them for the sale of the house. Saying "I have an attorney" sounds so bourgeois. No one I know in FL has an attorney. In fact when you buy or sell a house in FL, the paperwork is done by the title company. It's different in CT. Everyone has an accountant and an attorney. We don't have either. I only retained one for the sale of the house because it's required. And because I won't be here when our realtor is trying to sell the house, I had to sign a POA.

It's been downright muggy and nasty up here for the last week. We had to clear the lens of the camera twice just to take a few pictures. We've been having torrential downpours for about three days straight.

My weekend was spent packing, cleaning, and staging the house. While I'm traveling, I thought I would show you our house in its 'staged' state. I've never really shown you our little Cape Cod but thought it would be a nice send off. So look for that post later in the week.

{Top: Zara | Pants: Loft | Necklace: J. Crew | Shoes: Kohls. Buy them here. | Lipstick: Nars Dragon Girl. Buy it here.}

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  1. No wonder a stranger stopped you, that lace top is divine. Yellow and navy look great together.

    Hope you are getting packed ok. You never realise quite how much stuff you have until you need to pack it all up d you?

    X x

    1. Thank you. I have all the rooms packed as much as I could. The rest is up to hubby. I loaded up the car last night hoping everything would fit and it does (thank goodness). Today I have to takes pics of the living room for the realtor and clean and stage the living room. Still deciding what time to leave this morning to avoid rush hour traffic through NY & NJ.

  2. Love it! Butter and Navy are so classy. Those pants fit great too.
    BTW, it's Meghan. I'm at work.

  3. Hi There - I love the colors in this outfit the top is gorgeous! x