Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Accident

Like my dress? It was free. No, I haven't become an overnight fashion blogger sensation accepting freebies from companies wanting me to showcase their wears. I wish! I ordered this dress from Asos in a size 12. And ended up with the one I'm wearing. Not sure how the mix-up occurred but Asos shipped me the correct dress within two days and I got to keep the mistake. Glad it was at least the correct size.

It's a scratchy faux-linen but doesn't itch too badly (it's lined). However, I quickly realized it's not exactly work friendly. My mysterious lady parts were barely covered when I sat down and I had my work jacket on the entire day to keep from exposing myself. Thank goodness for corner cubicles where I could tuck my legs under for the day. I also stood, rather than sit down and risk exposure, in our daily group meeting.

And thankfully, my husband has returned from his business trip and can once again capture my daily outfits. I made him some banana bread last night as a welcome home gesture. We have a deal with pictures. I make the coffee in the mornings, he shoots the pics. I've never been a coffee drinker and prefer my diet soda for my caffeine fix. We didn't have soda in the house when I was growing up. However I distinctly remember having a Kit-Kat and Diet Pepsi every morning around 11am in my high school physics class. That's when you could still buy sugar in schools. Ahhh, the good 'ol days. Diet soda is my vice and probably always will be.

{Dress: Asos | Shoes: Vera Wang for Kohls. Buy them here. | Necklaces: Old Navy (flower) & J. Crew}

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  1. Even tho' it may not be work friendly, it looks polished & perfect for this weather.
    And, loved your opening comment...

    1. I lusted after your shoes for three weeks. I finally ordered them online, and they arrived today. I love them!

    2. That's terrific, Darlene. Enjoy!

  2. What an awesome accident! It's very flattering on you.