Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Green Theme Week - Look 3

It's hump day!! Wow! Yesterday's post got a lot of you thinking and commenting. Love it!! Maybe I should get all fashion deep on you more often. I, too, have often wondered what some of the A-list fashion bloggers do for a living and how they afford their expensive clothing. It looks like they receive a lot of it for free for the sole purpose of writing reviews and getting us to buy the clothing. If you think about it, sending a $200-300 item to a blogger is a heck of a lot cheaper to a company than what they spend on marketing the product in other media. If a fashion blogger has 15,000 fans, that's 15,000 potential customers for a company (already a target audience to boot), and a fraction of a company's advertising dollars vs. what they may spend in print/television/Internet marketing. It's genius, really.

Girl with Curves had a billboard in Times Square featuring Forever 21 clothing! It's one thing to show you how something looks on a model, but another to see it on a real person whom you feel you can connect with in some small way through their personal blog. For me, it's nice to go to GiGi's Gone Shopping blog and see how J. Crew items fit her body. After her baby, she has a little stomach pooch and I can relate to her body type more so that any of the models online or in the catalogues.

So onto today's outfit. I bought this Vince Camuto striped top when it went on sale during the colder months and thought it would be perfect with a pop of hot pink. I just wish the top were a little longer. It's a size 12, so it fits fine, but it's a bit short. I love the sleeve detail and back zipper, which I had my husband capture in the pics for ya!

Oh, and I almost forgot about my fab lipstick. Hubby and I decided to go to Mohegan Sun Casino after our day trip to Rhode Island last Friday. He went to play poker and I went to shop, naturally. I spent about an hour in Sephora just trying everything on. I bought some new foundation, lipstick, eyebrow pen, and cream shadow. Do you all want me to do a post about it? Or my makeup in general?

I had never tried 'Hourglass' products before. The associate gave me a sample of their primer and it blows Smashbox, MUFE, etc. out of the water. So smooth! And the lipstick is very moisturizing and creamy. However, it does get on my teeth. But I was able to eat and still look like nothing had come off. That's always good!

{Top: Vince Camuto. Buy it here (size 10 only). | Pants: Ann Taylor | Shoes: Nine West Andriana | Necklace: Asos | Lipstick: Hourglass Fever. Buy it here.}

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  1. Again, excellent commentary. Thanks for putting it out there & in perspective. Love having a discussion. Altho' I follow a variety of fashion blogs, I really enjoy the ones that I can relate to in some way & just breeze through the rest. That's why I love Bloglovin'.
    Re the A-list, I do have concerns about the message some send with their expensive/huge variety of items esp. to those who are impressionable, etc.
    Think your outfit looks terrific & like the length of your top...nice details. Perfect polished look.
    Would enjoy a review of your Sephora purchases & of course, am always interested in your application process. Love today's lipstick & thanks for the info on "Hourglass".

    1. Thank you. Maybe I should do more commentary on my blog. However, I will worn ya, I am pretty opinionated and very honest in the way I approach things. Could offend some people.
      It seems like the majority of the big fashion bloggers are in their early to mid 20s. I, too, worry that you may have teenage girls aspiring to be like their fav. bloggers but cannot afford to. And you may have young women that have to go into debt to keep up not only with the a-list celebrities but now with fashion bloggers.
      Let me see what I can do about some makeup reviews and applications. :)

  2. Who makes Hourglass? Is it its own brand? I've never heard of it before. Please share. I've got oily skin and am looking for a good primer.

    I too like the length of the shirt. I think the outfit looks well put together. I'm not a big fan of that color green, but I do like the top.

    Finally, am loving the discussion about blogs from REAL people. I didn't know Girl With Curves had a billboard in Times Square. Good for her! She's one of my daily reads.

    1. Hourglass is the brand. It was new to me, too. I don't have the ingredients for the Hourglass Veil primer so I can't tell you if it will be good on oily skin. I have dry-normal skin. When I first tried it on my hand and put it on, the inital reaction was 'greasy cream.' However, when the associate told me to rub it in, that's when the composition seemed to change to a smooth, almost baby powder-like consistency. I'd say to go to Sephora and have them give you a sample to see if your skin can handle it.
      Yes, if you go on Girl with Curves and read through her past sites, you can see she had a billboard up. Pretty cool, huh?