Monday, July 9, 2012

Green Theme Week - Look 1

It's theme week, it's theme week! After two false starts (unforeseen power outages one week and then the holiday last week), I have finally kicked off another theme week.

Hope y'all had a good holiday. Hubby and I took a much needed mini vacation. No sprinting off to Texas or Florida, just good 'ol fashion at home time. We had a 4th of July party for a few friends in our backyard, watched fireworks down on the beach, and took a day beach trip to Misquamicut, RI. We went last year and while it's no Clearwater Beach, it is the ocean water, not Sound water. Last year is when my love of scallops first started at Maria's, a little Italian restaurant right across from the beach. And this year it did not disappoint. I'm finding that whenever I'm at a restaurant that offers sea scallops, I go for it.

So in honor of the green grass and trees, and the much needed amount of warm, sunny days here in CT, I thought green would be the perfect color to focus on this week.

I bought this J. Crew tee during a sale about a month ago. I love the little zipper detail in the back. I bought my normal XL but could have done with just a L. Oh well, I'll throw it into the dryer and it will be perfect. The pants are from NY&Co and were bought during a 40% off sale. I do have to say that they are a bit snug. I've always found NY&Co sizing to be a bit smaller than Talbots or Gap. I don't particularly like when pants are cut slimmer in the thigh. Old Navy does it too with their pants, yet they expand the waistline. At least these floral pants have spandex. And I'll say it again. I am two different sizes in pants depending on whether I stand or sit. I need an extra 1/2 size when I sit as everything just spreads out. Does anyone else have this problem? Do you have pants relegated just for evenings where you'll be standing? "Have a seat, Niki." "Oh, no no. That's alright. I prefer to stand."

So here's outfit 1 with a little pattern mixing going on.

{Pants: NY&Co. Similar here. | Shirt: J. Crew. Buy it here. | Necklace: J. Crew | Bracelet: Marc Jacobs. Buy it here. | Shoes: Keds. Similar here. | Lipstick: Nars Schiap. Buy it here.}

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  1. I LOVE this outfit. The colors are great, and I'm dying to wear stripes and floral, but I don't have the right pieces to do it, and my summer clothing budget is pretty much busted. I guess this is one trend I'm going to have to miss out on. You're definitely pulling this one off though!

    1. Thanks Kathy. You could also pull this look off with other combos. The key is to keep the colors in the same color family or complimentary colors. Also if one piece of the outfit is a large pattern (like my pants), keep the other pattern small so it doesn't detract from the look. So instead of stripes, I could have gone with a shirt with small green circles or some other small pattern.

    2. I actually found a combo in my closet this morning but I didn't have the nerve to wear it to work. It'd be too fashion forward, or something. So I chickened out today, but I will wear it maybe to dinner or to a party or something like that.

    3. I know what you mean. There are just certain things I won't wear to work either.

  2. Love the mix of patterns!