Friday, July 13, 2012

Green Theme Week - Final Look

Thought we would wind down the week with a subtle green outfit. And I feel like a walking Kohl's billboard today.  With the exception of the pants and watch, it's all from Kohl's. And I have mixed feelings on Kohl's. When the Vera Wang line first came out, it was refreshing and different and really gave a new vibe to shopping at Kohl's. However, over the years, I feel the Vera Wang line is repetitive, tired, and outdated. The sizing is also wacky as most items are exaggerated in size. I feel the prints keep repeating themselves year after year, just in different colors. And the fabric is just cheap.

I did like the introduction of Rock & Republic to Kohl's. It's the edgier compliment to Vera's clothing. So not impressed with anything Jennifer Lopez is hawking at Kohl's. Go join Martha at Kmart, sweetie.

Last night I stopped at Kohl's to return the green frock I wore in yesterday's post. I looked around and felt (and smelled) cheap fabrics all around me before heading downstairs to the shoe department. I ended up buying two pairs of ballerina flats. I've stated before that I can't wear this type of shoe. However, I've noticed I can wear the Cece ballerina flats from J. Crew (still looking for them in bright pink on eBay), and a couple of pairs I got last night. I've also noticed that some ballerina flats offer a little more side and heel structure to support my tired and hurt feet. In most ballerina flats I've tried on in the past, it feels like I'm walking barefoot, and my foot (like my butt when sitting down) seems to spread out in an unflattering way in ballerina flats. However, I'm quite pleased with the Vera Wang and Rock & Republic shoes I got last night. I'll feature the Rock & Republic flats next week when I do a "classic" blazer look. I don't think I could do much walking in them (mall trips require FitFlops), but for work, they are alright.

The Rock & Republic tank I have on was purchased online a few weeks ago at a great price. However, it is cheaply made (no surprise there) as I'm dropping sequins like breadcrumb trails all over the office. "Where's Niki?" "Follow the sequins!"

Are you sick of seeing my new lipstick yet? Too bad. I love it.

{Pants: Talbots | Jacket: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. Buy it here. | Tank: Rock & Republic for Kohl's. Buy it here. | Shoes: Vera Wang for Kohl's. Buy them here. | Lipstick: Hourglass Fever. Buy it here.}

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  1. I love the pretty mint!

    I agree with you on both Vera Wang and Jennifer Lopez. The quality of the fabric on JL's line is very cheap and her sizing is way off! And it seems like the necklines of all of the tops is more plunging than is practical.

    I have found many higher quality piece while thrifting. Many made in USA of nice fibers...even the hanging straps on the insides of the shirt were made of higher quality fabric and imprinted with the name of clothing line. Now they are made of this plastic material.

    I read that same book some time ago and it was fantastic.

    1. I didn't even try on Jennifer Lopez's stuff. It just felt like plastic to me. Yeah, everything seems to be made of plastic these days. Hmmm. the book just came out a couple of weeks ago (or so I thought). Could it be a diff book you read? If so, I'd be interested in reading that one as well.

  2. Love the shoes!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. those flats are beyond fabulous!

    Your newest follower, Melisa

    1. Welcome Melisa! They look better than they feel but not horribly painful. ;-)