Monday, July 2, 2012

Business Up Front/Party in the Back

Both my sister and co-worker like to refer to my high-low shirts and dresses as "mullet" dresses. And I have learned a new saying for mullets (refer to this blog post title). Ahhh, fashion. It's like art. People appreciate it in different ways. My 'mullet' outfits aren't for everyone. But seeing as I was going to happy hour Friday night, I wanted to wear something that was going to keep me cool on a patio in 90+ degree heat. But I didn't want anything too dressy as I would have stood out like a sore thumb.

Heels were out of the question. However, I would totally wear them had I been going from work to a nightclub for a drink with the girls.  Or to a bookclub meeting (a.k.a  seeing the new Magic Mike movie with Chocolate Tater - yeah, that's what we call Channing Tatum at home cause it's easier to say). As it is, I'm a bit dressed up compared to my fellow co-workers in jeans and tees. But that's how it's always been where I work and that's how I'll continue to roll.

I've got the moves like Jagger...

{Hi-Low tank: Forever 21. Buy it here. | Skirt: Gap. Buy it here (on sale!). | Shoes: Donald Pliner. Buy them here. | Necklace: Ann Taylor. Buy it here.}

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  1. What a cute tunic!

    xo Jennifer

  2. I love the outfit! Boy, wish I could find some stuff like that here! Oh hi! I'm your newest subscriber! :)

    Brenda @

    1. Welcome Brenda! Thanks for following. I actually bought this tunic online. My local Forever 21 is undergoing a rennovation and they are packed into a confined space in my mall. I won't even go in there, so I just get everything online or go to the one near my work at lunchtime.