Friday, June 1, 2012


Everything... in it's right place.

So psyched to be seeing Radiohead Friday night. We're taking the train into NYC, hopping on a party bus that will shuttle us over to the Prudential Center in Jersey. Taking a nice bottle of red (with twisty cap, of course) on the ride down and over. We don't have to worry about driving through NYC traffic or finding parking, which I hear is outrageously expensive at the Prudential Center. Every time "King of Limbs" studio sessions comes on Palladia, hubby and I can't resist watching it. We've been Radiohead fans for a long time (1994) and this is the first time we've seen them in concert. Unfortunately our tickets are nosebleed but they have sold out all their venues, so we had to take what we could get. On a side note, a word about buying popular concert tickets on Ticketmaster. Hubby and I share the wifi connection at home. We both were trying for tickets as soon as they went on sale months ago. We were both getting long wait times. So I decided to try on my iPhone over the 3G connection. That's how I got the tickets. I later read that if you have more than one computer trying to access Ticketmaster for tickets, forget it. It won't work. We probably would have gotten the tickets had just one of us tried to access the Ticketmaster site from our home computers.

So this is so not the outfit I'm wearing to the concert. Because I post one day in advance (I'm writing this post on Thursday and you will see it on Friday), I'm showing you the outfit I wore to work. In tomorrow's post, I'll show you what I wore to the concert. And hopefully on Monday, I'll have some iPhone images of the event. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to take the fancy smancy camera with me. Nor would I want to. I'll probably drop it or lose it after a few glasses of vino.

I got this blouse in NYC (here's the post) at Joe Fresh. I'm really wanting to go back to the flagship store as I've seen some cool, new items in magazines. So maybe I'll go in late June or early July. I have an upcoming Florida trip in two weeks to see my family for birthdays and Father's Day. My new photographer for the long weekend will be my baby sister.

The skirt is from Anthropologie. I spotted it in NYC during the holidays and ordered it online. I paid full price because as I suspected, the larger sizes went quickly. Because I'm rather hippie (no, not Woodstock hippie) and I have a big rear, I had to keep the last button undone on the blouse for a little breathing room. You won't see me in a lot of button down blouses for two reasons: gaping near the breasts and too tight near the hips. This blouse is a size L. They had XL but it was swimming in my shoulders. I have narrow shoulders and broad hips. So even though I'm anatomically correct, I'm not proportionally well made.

And lastly, I left the very last picture completely untouched (yep, forehead lines and all). Yes, I really am 40. I'm flattered by those who said I look younger. You made my day!

{Blouse: Joe Fresh. Similar here. | Skirt: Anthropologie | Shoes: Nine West Andriana. Buy other colors here. | Necklace: J. Crew | Lipstick: MAC Half n Half. Buy it here.}

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  1. you look very cool for the concert, tough I would have wear more comfortable shoes for dancing. I Love radiohead as well and have been twice to their concert. Actually, I used to live in Oxford (UK) where they come from and meet them from time to time by the street. the drummer was living nearby and met him several times with the strowl (not sure is the right word, it's the things to puch, to carry babies)... yes, he looked a good father. whereas Tom, very shy and totally unfriendly.

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

    1. That's really cool! Yeah, I've heard Thom Yorke can be quite standoffish. But I love his voice and music so...
      I'm not wearing the above outfit to the concert. I'm wearing pants, a tee, and flats. I like to be comfortable when I go to concerts.
      While getting ready this morning, the Today Show featured my yellow (and matching blue) Joe Fresh blouses. It made me giggle. :-)

  2. Love the combo of this outfit. Just read your last few posts. I'm glad you're not photoshopping everything. It's rare to find real people these days. Have a great time at the concert.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I just like to smooth out a couple of lines and that's it. I just want to portray the real me on my blog. Real personality thru my writing and real lumps and bumps on my body. I love looking at bloggers like Atlantic Pacific but I can't relate to her body type, age, or budget. But I love getting ideas from her site and think she's a lovely woman.