Monday, June 25, 2012

40 Miles from the Sun

Yeah it's a Bush song but that's how I felt yesterday. Ever under estimate the intensity of the sun? I did. In Texas I was crawling away from a micrometer of sun trying to shield myself under an umbrella by the pool because of the intensity of the sun. I felt like a vampire on True Blood trying to escape daylight and hence why I rented a car and headed out of the resort the third day there.

But yesterday, that was different. As you know from my posts, we get so much rain and gray cloudy skies that when it's sunny on the weekends, I just want to bask in it. Which is what I did. I went down to the local beach, plopped down in a chair for two hours and enjoyed the constant breeze and bright skies. I couldn't even feel the sun. I came home, enjoyed a homemade surf 'n turf dinner, time in our jacuzzi, and then a fire and roasting marshmallows over the pit.

So let me lick my sunburn wounds (please no lectures on sunscreen) and we'll continue with a new theme week tomorrow! I've got a great week planned for outfits!

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