Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little Red, White, and Blue

Happy Friday!!!

I'm getting pretty excited about next week. I took July 5th and 6th off, as did my hubby. I can't wait to relax and play a bit. Tossing around some ideas of what to do on those days. I might go into NYC or head over to Misquamicut, RI for a day at the beach.

When I put this outfit on today, I wasn't even thinking of Independence Day. But I like the subtle color nod to our holiday. I do have a great tank top to show you specifically for the holiday.

As I've said in past posts, we live four blocks from Long Island Sound. The beach pics I show you are within walking distance. Every year our local beach hosts annual fireworks. It's a pretty big event and parking is hard to come by for a few hours in our neighborhood. I typically head to Canonsburg, PA to go visit family (my sister also flies up). But this year I'm unable to go. So for the first time in four years, my husband and I are finally going to walk down to the beach and watch the fireworks.

So here's a little pre-holiday work wear.

{Cardigan: J. Crew. Buy it here. | Collar: Marni for H&M | Skirt: J. Crew. Buy it here. | Shoes: Nine West. Similar here and here.}

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surrey with a Fringe on Top

So I've gone back to bangs (fringe to you across the pond). What do you all think? I'm feeling very Reese Witherspoon and back to my comfort zone. And just as I suspected, my shoes left a couple of blisters on my feet from yesterday. But they are so pretty (the shoes, not the blisters).

It was a bit cool again this morning so I threw on an old Old Navy cardigan over my Joe Fresh tee and Lands End jeans. I love my summer white jeans. They are very comfy. Nothing too exciting about this look, but with so many people out of the office and on vacation (we don't have too many left at work anyway), I just wanted a simple summer work outfit.

{Cardigan: Old Navy (old). Similar here. | Tee: Joe Fresh | Jeans: Land's End. Buy them here. Cheaper version here and here. | Necklace: eBay (although I did see it recently at H&M) | Belt: J. Crew | Shoes: Keds. Cute eyelet ones here. | Lipstick: MAC Girl About Town. Buy it here.}

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bang and Blame

Got that REM song in my head because I'm gonna chop my side bangs into full on fringe. Kind of have to. The bleaching and flat ironing have taken their toll and the ends are looking jagged and just not very appealing. They won't grow and keep up with the rest of my hair length. I started working on them a little this morning just to get some of the ends evened out. Might go at lunch today and just get them done professionally. I've actually had bangs for most of my adult life. I only let them grow out cause I wanted to do the Gwen Stefani poof. Turns out that my hair is just too fine to pull it off. Doesn't matter how much I tease it and spray it, it just flops out. Plus full bangs means less forehead Photoshopping!

So it was chilly this morning. In the 50s. Had to come up with a "spring" outfit. I really didn't mind the cool weather this morning. Was a bit refreshing and it's only here today as it will warm up to the 90s later this week. I took a picture with my iPhone of a similar outfit in a J. Crew catalog (at least I think it was J. Crew). The tee was a tissue tee and neon pants were neon shorts. It was a cute summer outfit that I adapted to a cool morning.

And how about these chooooss? How great are they? I don't own a lot of neutral or brown shoes but I have been eyeballing these bad boys for awhile now. And then I saw them on My Habit for a steal! More than half off their original retail price. So I made them mine a few weeks ago. The heel height is perfect and they are fairly comfortable (a lot of walking could produce blisters around the toe band due to the thickness of the leather).  I think they are going to look great with some skirts and dresses.

{Jacket: J. Crew Factory. Similar here. | Pants: Gap. Buy them here. | Tee: Gap. Buy it here. | Shoes: Pour la Victoire. Buy them here. | Necklace: Trina Turk for Banana Republic. | Lipgloss: Make Up For Ever #4}
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rainy Day Shopping (on the cheap!)

We had a heck of a thunderstorm hit us this morning. Knocked out our power all day. I had to email my boss to say I'd be in later because it felt like tropical storm Debby had pushed through overnight, ignored Florida, and opened a can of whoop arse on Connecticut!

So I'm putting off theme week until I can do it up right next week. Cause I'm sure you don't want to see me in my jeans, tee, half completed hair (got in a blow dry but no flat iron before the entire town got zapped), and no makeup. Luckily we have a gas stove at home that can be used to heat up food with just a flick of the lighter. And that's how my breakfast went down this morning while waiting it out. Dear hubby got the day off as he works from home. No electric, no workie. The only thing we really worry about in storms that take out our power is our sump pump. Until I moved up north, I had no idea what a sump pump was (drains water out of basements). Not until we had a freak electric outage and woke up the next morning to three inches of water in our basement. Can you say basement remodel?

So while browsing through J's Everyday Fashion at lunch today, and catching up on my blog reading, I saw she bought this sparkly number from Kohl's for only $8. Well that's my kind of shopping! And then I spotted its cousin and scooped her up, too! Why she was more expensive, I have no idea. But I found a couple of coupon codes online (30% off and free shipping) and ended up paying only $17 for the both of them.

{Rock & Republic tanks. Buy them here and here.}
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Monday, June 25, 2012

40 Miles from the Sun

Yeah it's a Bush song but that's how I felt yesterday. Ever under estimate the intensity of the sun? I did. In Texas I was crawling away from a micrometer of sun trying to shield myself under an umbrella by the pool because of the intensity of the sun. I felt like a vampire on True Blood trying to escape daylight and hence why I rented a car and headed out of the resort the third day there.

But yesterday, that was different. As you know from my posts, we get so much rain and gray cloudy skies that when it's sunny on the weekends, I just want to bask in it. Which is what I did. I went down to the local beach, plopped down in a chair for two hours and enjoyed the constant breeze and bright skies. I couldn't even feel the sun. I came home, enjoyed a homemade surf 'n turf dinner, time in our jacuzzi, and then a fire and roasting marshmallows over the pit.

So let me lick my sunburn wounds (please no lectures on sunscreen) and we'll continue with a new theme week tomorrow! I've got a great week planned for outfits!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tunic Dress Again

Yep that's right, I'm just gonna keep seeing how many of my dresses I can reinvent as tunics cause I'm really digging the look. It's like my dresses have become brand new shirts, expanding my current wardrobe without spending a penny. Gotta love that!

I'm trying to be more careful with my spending on clothing these days. I still have a lot of new items that I can show you but I'm trying to also stockpile some coin so we can make a move to Florida by next spring or sooner. I'll let you know if I put some things up on ebay as well. And speaking of ebay. I've been using ebay since the late 90s. I've bought and sold numerous things. However, I didn't know about the 'save searches' feature until I came across Magpie Style's website. What a cool feature! You basically do a normal search for what you want and then click Save Search right next to the result count. You can also indicate if you want a daily email showing you newly added items. Genius! Have I been living under a rock?

And I gotta tell ya, this whole tunic and pants thing is so much more comfortable at work then trying to tug at my dress all day so as not to expose my mysterious lady parts.

{Dress/Tunic: Old Navy. Similar here. Cute retro version here. Hi-low here. | Pants: JCP. Buy them here. | Belt: Asos. See this post for similar ones. | Necklace: Asos | Bracelet: Banana Republic | Shoes: Donald Pliner. Buy them here.}

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Buc Stops Here

Another hot and wonderful day in CT! Temps were already in the high 80s before 9am this morning. Love, love, love it! Feels like home. And hence why I'm wearing my Tampa Bay Bucs shirt today. A little homage to my recent trip home. I also wanted an airy skirt to stay cool today (although my office is cold and I typically wrap myself in a jacket while sitting at my desk). However, when we went outside to take pics this morning, my husband informed me that my skirt was quite see-through. I said, "Oh yeah, but just the holes." "Uh, no, it's see-through on the other parts as well." Dang it! So my work jacket is doing double duty by keeping any excitement at bay at the office. No need to cause a stir at my boring workplace.

And I was having one of those mornings where I know it's going to rain tomorrow and I just wanted to stay home today. My doggie was being very playful this morning and I just wanted to play, too. Play hookie. Unfortunately I have a meeting and need to be at work so I hopped in the shower and threw my hair up partly because I was running late and partly because I get ready upstairs and hot air rises. It's at least 10 degree warmer upstairs. While I was taking my walk last night, I was shocked at how many homes in my neighborhood don't have air condition, not even window units. Our neighbor had his windows open in 90+ degree heat. Maybe it's because I'm a Florida girl, but I don't know how people can sleep in that kind of weather. Fans only do so much to try and cool you down at night. Thank goodness our older house is equipped with central a/c.

{Shirt: bought in Tampa | Skirt: Urban Outfitters (old) | Shoes: Donald Pliner. Buy them here. (plain version here). | Necklace: J. Crew (old)}

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Neon Heat

Finally! A hot, sunny summer day! Felt like Florida when I walked out of the house this morning. And it felt great! How can you not wear linen or yellow on a warm sunny day? I've had this J. Crew Lemlem tunic for months now. I don't get too many warm days to wear it.

Originally I was going to pair it with my yellow pants, but it seemed a bit much. Plus, it would have gone much better with the neon yellow pants I got my sister for her birthday. I still have my pale pink nails, Rachel. Instead, I opted for my favorite jeans and some gladiator sandals.

Easy, breezy summer outfit! And a cardinal that keeps hanging around. He's so cute. Oh, and no, I'm not pregnant. This is the result of big boobs, empire waists, and slouchy shoulders.

{Tunic: J. Crew. Similar here. | Jeans: Sears. By them here (on sale $17.99). | Shoes: Ash | Necklace: Ann Taylor. Buy here.}

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tunic Dress

The last time I wore this dress was on Valentine's day. I wasn't quite sure how else to wear it because it's a short dress that sort of hugs my frame. But for some reason, it was the necklace that made this outfit come together.

I bought the necklace at Banana Republic during the Trina Turk launch a couple of weeks ago (no longer available online). The green is a perfect match for this dress, which I decided to pair with cropped pants today for a tunic look. I like the tunic look and think I'll start wearing more dresses this way.

I used to wear a lot of Donald Pliner sandals. They were readily available in department stores down south. Up here, not so much. I've never seen Donald Pliner sandals in any store up here. However, I only have a couple of pairs left in my collection (used to have more - sold them on ebay). Why? The hard heel bed hurts my feet. These shoes (and their sparkly counterparts) are so cute on the feet but make my feet ache at the end of the day.

It seems while I was in FL, my hydrangea sprang to life. I was only gone 3.5 days! I have to say it was really nice waking up to full sun in the mornings while down there, rather than dreary gray skies like today. And it's always hardest the day after I return to CT. I don't feel like talking to co-workers or being social at all. It usually takes me a day to adjust not being near my family and then I return to my usual routine.

{Dress: Missoni for Target | Pants: Ann Taylor. Similar here and here. | Sandals: Donald Pliner. Buy them here. | Necklace: Trina Turk for Banana Republic | Lipstick: MAC Girl About Town. Buy it here.}

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Florida Trip

I had a fun but very quick trip to Florida this past weekend. It was a whirlwind trip. I got in a little early Friday afternoon. My sister promptly took me to J. Alexander’s where I picked up not one, not two, but eight containers of Not-Your-Ordinary Mac ‘n Cheese. It is simply the best mac ‘n cheese I have ever had. The recipe is proprietary and there are inferior copycats on the Internet. Believe me, I’ve tried them. They don’t taste anything like the restaurant’s version. My sister thought she had a baby spoon in the car so I could take a few nibbles. My digits ended up doing the job just fine, albeit a bit messy.

We then headed to Total Wine to pick up a couple of bottles of Shiraz that are very hard to get in Connecticut. After dropping off the luggage at my sister’s house, and putting the mac ‘n cheese in the freezer (can’t take ice packs on the plane – I freeze them so I can also transport back Publix chicken in a cooler. The frozen food acts as ice packs!), we headed out to Mugs‘N Jugs. It’s a popular sports bar in Pinellas County that has the best boneless chicken wings I’ve ever tasted.

On Saturday we picked up the birthday cake for the little guy and then headed to the park for the big celebration. I was the official birthday photographer and this weekend alone took over 1200 shots.

After the party on Saturday, my sister and I enjoyed some relaxing time at their community pool, followed by wine, while watching Paranormal Activity 3. I only watch those movies when at their house. It started on my visit last Halloween where we watched PA 1 & 2. My sister and I don’t like scary movies, but her husband does (my husband doesn’t like them either). But I was kind of hooked after seeing the first one and wanted to see the rest.

Sunday was my sister’s birthday. I treated her to a mani/pedi at our usual sister Sunday nail salon (the only one we’re aware of that’s open on Sundays). Her husband gave her a lovely gift card to a swanky salon in hopes that we could go there but they weren’t open on her birthday. We then headed to Sonny’s for lunch. I know it’s not real BBQ, but it’s cheap and filling. Plus we both love their garlic toast.
For dinner we met up with our ‘rents at Bonefish Grill (we don’t have those in CT). Mom made Rachel an awesome Devil’s Food cake with butter cream frosting. Bonefish was kind enough to keep it refrigerated for us. My stepdad and I had the specials (he had crab filled fillet and I had scallops). I adore scallops but it wasn’t always that way. And now I like crab! It took 40 years but I finally like shrimp, scallops, and now crab! And Rachel, her husband, and I had to have another glorious piece of cake when we got home Sunday night.

Oh, I forgot to mention the donuts (yes, I went all out this weekend and gorged on all sorts of goodies). Back up to our Saturday morning trip to Fray’s donuts. Their signature honey dipped glazed donut is out of this world! And we picked up a new item I haven’t tried at Chick-Fil-A (cause again, none of them exist in CT) – Chicken minis! Chicken nuggets on honey Parker house rolls. Oh new favorite.
I can’t tell you what I did Monday morning just yet. I may spill the beans later. I then came home, played with the boy a bit more before heading to the airport with an extra bag of Publix fried chicken for the hubby, eight containers of mac ‘n cheese, a loaf of sweet dense bread from an awesome omelet place my sister and I went to Monday morning, and my bags of spicy Mahatma yellow rice. Yeah, I’m a little food obsessed.

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