Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Years

I've spent the last two years combing eBay in search of this J. Crew Eliza blouse in a size 12 (I had no problems finding size 2 or 4).  I love tartan or plaid anything and the simple pattern with jeweled neckline was very appealing to me. And while this shirt is cute, I was a little disappointed in the fit. It's fine in the arms, waist, and hips, but the neckline is rather large. And maybe that's because the jeweled neckline is dragging down the taffeta. I was constantly fiddling with the neckline at work and trying to keep the lining from poking out. 

Because it's dreary and humid today, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple and black. This is my all time favorite black stretchy pencil skirt from Gap. I love it! It fits like a dream and I just wish they made this skirt in other colors.

We've started something new at work in hopes to increase productivity and get our releases out the door on time (that has never happened). I'm not too crazy about our daily 15 minute Scrum meetings. Actually, I can't stand meetings at all. People get carried away with the minutia rather than taking the conversation offline. We're supposed to answer three questions in each meeting: What did you work on yesterday? What are you working on today? Any roadblocks? It's an attempt to also get us to break out of our silo'd ways and form better communication with each other, as well as find out any issues within 24 hours, not weeks. While the intention is good, after the layoffs, the motivation and morale is shot. It's hard to get excited about working on anything when half your workforce is gone and it's back to working with difficult people. Good thing I have my blogs! My escape and outlet from the doldrums.

{Blouse: J. Crew (eBay) | Skirt: Gap. Buy it here. | Shoes: Bandolino. Buy them here. | Belt: (unknown). Simple one here. | Watch: Cartier Tank | Lipstick: Nars Dragon Girl. Buy it here.}

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  1. Just found your blog and am enjoying your style.
    Great to finid another 40-something style blogger.

  2. hello, I have just found your blog.
    Let me tell you that you do not look 40 AT ALL! believe me!
    I like your style, simple but elegant yet accurate. I love this top, and the two white dresses in previous posts.
    I am going to follow you.
    keep in touch!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

    1. Thanks so much, Ylenia! I'm definitely 40 (born in Jan 1972), but I don't feel 40. Thanks for your compliment. I think you describe my style accurately. I don't like a lot of bling or embellishments, which is why you won't see me with a lot of bracelets, etc. I'm more of a Charlotte on Sex and the City, with a little bit of Carrie thrown into the mix. :-) Thanks for following me!

  3. So you bought the blouse! Lol. I spend every spare minute combing ebay for deals. And I think I also have that skirt. It is fantastic. I agree.