Friday, May 11, 2012

Tuxedo Stripes

Dang it! I've done this twice now. I get in the car and discover what I thought was black is really blue.  I swore the stripes in these pants were black but they are a dark navy blue. Even my coworker thought they were black until she put on some coke bottle glasses and held up a magnifying glass to them. Okay, not really but she did have to get close to inspect the color.

I'm a sucker for any pants with unique detailing, especially tuxedo stripes and side piping. Check out these cute Hudson jeans. They come in black with an orange neon stripe as well! Yummy.

So once again I turned to my favorite online retailer, Asos, for these pants that were on sale. I've been looking at them for awhile now. The largest size is a US 14, which I'm not sure would work just yet. I'm about five pounds shy of being able to wear a 14 in pants, especially in J. Crew (and I've been hoarding a few seasons worth of cute J. Crew sale pants that I can't wait to get into). Been wearing 14s in skirts for months now. Same with dresses. But these hips and belly keep holding me back in pants. Okay, maybe it's the two Kit Kat bars I allow myself to have daily that do it as well. No, it's the hips and belly.

But these pants are actually big! I didn't wear a belt today but need one.  I have another pair of Asos pants in size 14 that have a similar fit. I find Asos cuts their clothes a bit big. However, I had one reader that found otherwise. Same with my mom. I bought her this skirt (now on sale for $26) for her birthday in her usual size and she had to go up one size. I ordered this skirt for myself a couple months ago in my usual size and it fit fine (just needed to alter the hem). It just goes to show you that all body types are different. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another.

So back to these pants... My coworker and I were talking about her latest shopping trip at our local mall and how boring clothes seem to her this season in her usual Banana Republic and Loft choices. I find that happens sometimes. Clothes seem to meld together into one boring mess. But I don't find that to be the case with Asos clothing. Growing up, I never liked mainstream music. I was always trying to find music that was different with unique sounds. I find that I carry that same mentality into my clothing choices. And I'm sorry, but British retailers just fit that bill. I continue to get my staples from J. Crew and Ann Taylor. But if I want something a little more daring, I swim across the pond in cyberspace.

{Pants: Asos. Buy them here. | Tank top: Ann Taylor. Buy it in black and citrus here. | Jacket: Forever 21. Similar here and here. | Shoes: Nine West. Other colors here. | Necklace: JC Penney. Very similar here. Similar here. Cute option here. Triangle option here. | Lipstick: MAC Girl About Town. Buy it here.}

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  2. Outfit looks great. The stripes on the pants are so cool. I'm glad you wrote this because I've been thinking of ordering from their straight sizes and a little scared. The ASOS curve 16 is most times cut too big. I wouldn't consider myself a 14 but I may try it if it has some stretch or looks to be a baggy fit. 2 kit kats a day totally worth it.

    1. Thank you! I'm finding that I'm having to go down 1-2 sizes in asos clothing. Been ordering size 12 dresses and size 10 shirts, especially if they seem baggy or roomy or have spandex. I'm not really losing any more weight (maybe .5 lb every 2-3 weeks) so I just think their stuff runs big on me. As for the kit kats, let me clarify - i eat one mini that has 2 bars after lunch each day (73 calories) or i grab a regular size kit kat and just eat half. I re-read my post and it sounds like I eat 2 full candy bars/day. Yikes! Lol!

    2. Just ordered a straight size to see how it goes. I figured as much with the kit kats but can you imagine if you could have 2 full kit kats a day and still loose weight that's the diet for me.

    3. Lol!! A kit kat diet would be ideal! Hope you like the pants. I wased and dried them last night and they did shrink so now they fit much better. The label says not to dry them so I took a chance. They didn't fade at all and just need to be ironed. Let me know how they fit you.