Monday, May 28, 2012


I feel like Chloe from The Chloe Conspiracy in this outfit. I love her style. She knows how to mix colors and prints, as well as high and low priced items, like no one else. And she always seems to throw in a little girliness with a bit of lace or ruffle.

I've been wanting rust colored pants for some time now and just couldn't find any I like or that fit comfortably. Until I went to the local Talbots outlet store near my house before we left for Texas. And please don't get on to me for adding an item (cords) to my no-no list. Do I need to put a cap in my arse to gain back street cred with y'all? The color is perfect, the price was right ($20), and the fit is divine! And surprisingly, the fabric is thinner than I recall most corduroys to be. I may have to rethink this item for fall.

The top is sleeveless (I'm not big on showing my arms) and a bit big. It was also $9.99! Too bad they only had size 10 and 14 (I needed a 12). I grabbed the 14 figuring I could have it altered if need be. The jacket is one I bought last year at Forever 21. It's a size L and I've been waiting for it to fit without cutting off my circulation when I bend my elbows. It finally does.

{Pants: Talbots. Similar here. | Top: Talbots. Similar here. | Blazer: Forever 21. Similar here and here. | Shoes: JC Penney. Similar here and here. | Watch: Cartier Tank. | Bracelet: Asos. Buy it here.}

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  1. Love the color of these's a very flattering color on you.

  2. I like this. Are the Talbtos pieces from the outlet (special makes) or the clearance outlet (reduced retail items)? I have been to both and the difference is sometimes confusing. The clearance outlets have been around for a while but the "outlets" I think are relatively new. When I moved toi FL from DC area I was as a bit disappointed to see that my "outlet" was not retail clearance and haven't really been there since, but I like your choices. Thanks and Happy Memorial day!

    1. Good question, Kristen. It's the clearance outlet. And I didn't know it's the only one in CT:
      Happy Memorial Day to you, too.