Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Keeping it Weird in Austin - Part 2

Today I’ll focus on our hotel here in Austin. It’s the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and Spa about 30 minutes east of Austin. And it’s in the middle of nowhere! I really thought the area surrounding the airport and downtown Austin would be similar to other Texas cities I’ve visited – Houston, and lived in – Dallas. I was expecting a more metropolitan feel, rather than a vast area of a whole lotta nothingness. And maybe that’s just the area I’m in. But heck if I’m paying another $120 to go exploring outside of this hotel. So you’re stuck with me on the grounds while I go chase down an elusive roadrunner (I didn’t know they were real!) and possibly get on a horse or just catch poison ivy while walking trails in 90+ degree heat. Oh heck, I may just have to stay by the pool the rest of the trip and have garcon bring me some cold beverages from the bar!

This hotel is beautiful and is surrounded by the Colorado River. The grounds go on forever and hubby and I barely covered the main areas yesterday. Even though there’s a lot to do, most everything costs $$ (horseback riding, kayaking, etc.). To try and conserve our funds a bit, we grabbed some essentials at Walmart on our way back from Austin Saturday night so that we could have breakfast and lunch in the room. But I gotta tell ya, those chicken quesadillas with homemade roasted pepper salsa are high on my list for the next few lunches (or dinners)! When I asked for the recipe, our waiter came out with the head chef who ran down the list of ingredients with me. Yeee hawwww! The food in CT is pretty bland. I like somewhat spicy food and Texas food seems to agree with my palate (maybe not so much my tummy, though). So I have two things on my list I plan to cook when I get home: jalapeno cornbread and roasted red pepper salsa. Oh yum!

Now on to the pictures. You’ll have to ignore my disheveled look. After all, I’m on vacation.

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  1. It's beautiful!!! Honestly, I'd be perfectly happy going there and spending a few days. The lazy river looks very nice.

    All in all, great pics. Thanks again for sharing. FYI, if you get home this weekend, you should be coming back to some warmer weather. Down in Philly it's supposed to be mid 80s all weekend.

    1. I decided to venture away from the hotel today. I'm on a different kind of lazy river today. ;-)

  2. Great photos!!! love your blog!

    1. Thanks Brandi. Stay tuned for more Texas stuff.