Saturday, May 19, 2012

DIY Neon Necklace

After seeing this necklace on Anna's site, In Honor of Design, and not being able to find the neon pink necklace at Ann Taylor, I decided to make my own.

I grabbed a can of neon pink spray paint at Walmart, ordered a suitable (not too big, not to girlie or flower-y) piece of lace via Etsy (I remember being able to buy these in the craft store for $5. Not anymore), and waited for a nice weekend with nothing going on to create my masterpiece.

I used to bead necklaces, earrings, and bracelets back in the day when it was first popular. I sold a few pieces but that flame soon burned out. I left all my beading supplies with my mom when I moved up to CT. So I had to buy a cheapy set of pliers, jump rings, and chains from Joann Fabrics and Michaels. In Tampa, I had a couple of speciality stores I would buy my supplies from as the quality was better than that of the big box craft stores. Unfortunately, I don't know of any bead stores in my area up here.

The only problem I really encountered with the pink necklace is the size of the jump rings. They just weren't big enough for the toggle clasp. But I made it all work. And please ignore the rough hands and lack of manicure. My hands get so dry and manicures last maybe three days on me.

The first thing I did was spray paint both sides of the lace and let it dry overnight.

I then set out all my supplies and got to work measuring my chain lengths.

I worked on the smaller black lace first. I have to tell you that adding the spray paint to the larger piece of lace gave the piece added structure so that it's not as flimsy as the black piece.

I added the jump rings to the chain so that I could then hook the jump ring through the lace.

I then removed one of the chain's links in the back where I wanted it to open up so that I could add the toggle. I added a jump ring to the crossbar of the toggle but not to the round piece. I just opened up the end piece on the chain and hooked it onto the round part of the toggle.

Whereas the black necklace had holes in the lace that were small enough and workable for the jump rings, the neon lace did not. So I created my own holes! This is where bigger jump rings would have been nice.

It was a pretty quick and easy weekend project. Took maybe 30-60 minutes to assemble both pieces. You can see me wearing the neon necklace in this post.
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  1. Hi, Niki -- This is a great DIY! The neon necklace looked really cute with the outfit you used. And I really, really loved the necklace you wore for Day 5. If Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere donates hers to you, you can pass yours right on to me. :)

    I have a stupid question -- I followed your link to Gigi's Gone Shopping, but I can't seem to figure out what her blog is for. It appears to be all reviews of J.Crew products -- am I reading this right? What do you love about her blog? I love fashion blogs, especially when they show curvier women looking fabulous, and since I enjoy yours I would like to give that one a shot.

    Thanks for letting me ask about this -- I hope you don't mind giving me a direction about a blog other than your own. And I hope you enjoy your trip!!

    1. No problem Cindy. We have an engine delay in chicago. I use Gigi's site primarily for early J Crew sales and to see items she tries on in dressing rooms. She is alerted to early discount codes before it's announced on j crew's website. Gives me first access to more sizes. :-) thanks for your lovely compliments!