Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sister Blues

My younger and only sibling lives in Clearwater, FL. She casually mentioned to me that she liked my bright yellow pants in this post. She also said she liked the royal blue chinos and matching colored shoes in Target's circular a couple of weeks ago. With her birthday coming up in June, I thought it would be a nice early gift.

As a fairly new mother (my nephew will be two in June) and a school teacher, Rachel doesn't have the opportunity to wear a lot of nice heels or get dressed up as much as she used to. She teaches at the same high school we both went to and does a lot of walking every day between class periods. Not to mention she has to be at school before 7am!  My sister is also a really good bargain hunter. She doesn't share the same love of high end designer duds like I do. She also doesn't have the same curves as me, so she can shop just about anywhere and look great in just about anything. She prefers getting a lot of great inexpensive items as opposed to investment pieces. And although Mom taught us to head straight for the sales rack, Rachel does a better job at this than me.

I told Rachel what would look adorable with those pants would be the hot pink Hanes tee I bought at Walmart for under $5 that I am wearing in this post. I also threw her out of her comfort zone by buying her a bright yellow clutch for a bit of color blocking.

I think for daytime, Rachel could throw on a pair of cute, hot pink ballet flats and maybe a little lightweight cardigan. However, she was going out for drinks with her hubby that night and wanted to test drive her new and very tall - 5" platform heels. Unfortunately, the heels didn't make it through the night. The strap broke and left her with some painful blisters.  Sometimes it's worth investing a little more money into things like shoes.

{Tee: Hanes. Similar here. | Chinos: Target. Buy them here. | Shoes: Target. Buy them here. | Clutch: Target: Buy it here. | Jewelry: Rachel's own}
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  1. Too bad the shoes didn't last; they're really cute!

    1. Yeah, they are cute. She said she's going to look into getting them fixed. Might cost more than I bought them for, though.

  2. what fun shoes!


    1. A little too tall for my liking, but my sister loved them and said they made her eye to eye with her husband.