Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dress Week - Look 3

Who the heck invited Old Man Winter back into town? I picked a hell of a week to wear some pretty thin fabrics. At least the rain is gone, only to return on Thursday. But the wind and temps are below average for this time of year. What was I thinking? Oh, yeah. I was thinking that it's almost May and should be warming up by now and that dresses are a pretty safe bet this week. Okay, I'm done ranting.

So out in the backyard I go again (thank you natural lighting) with the wind whipping my hair into a Snookie frenzy and my bare legs shivering in 46 degree weather.

I bought this dress during a Rachel Roy 30% off promotion last month. It's an XL (her stuff runs small in my opinion). Thought I wouldn't be able to wear it until fall (wrong!) with its long sleeves. I like the little tutu detailing across the bottom but thought it was a little too plain. So I jazzed it up with a bright pink belt I got at Urban Outfitters over the holidays while in NYC.

This is also the first time I'm wearing my Lauren Conrad for Kohl's faux leather jacket. I'm not so sure about it. I like the color, it feels like the real thing, but it seems big around the collar. Like there's too much fabric. Hmm. Maybe like my Asos Aertex jacket, it just needs to be worn zipped up.

{Dress: Rachel Roy. Still available here. And similar summer version here. | Jacket: Lauren Conrad. Buy it here. | Shoes: Nine West Andriana. Other colors here. | Belt: Urban Outfitters. Buy it here. Similar here. And here. | Lipstick: MAC Girl About Town. Buy it here.}

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  1. I love the tutu thing around the bottom too. This is a great dress for winter. Speaking of...go away old man winter; nobody likes you! I've had to pull out my tights and socks and boots again. I even put the self tanner away since it looks to be at least another week before it starts to warm up.

    And I didn't mention this in yesterday's post, or whenever you last wore those shoes, but they really are pretty freakin' fabulous.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I just love my nine west andriana shoes. I think there's only a few colors I don't own. They are very comfortable during the day at work but not so great for walking around in the mall after work.