Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Week's Lust Item - Watch

I'm actually not lusting after any piece of clothing or shoes this week. Instead, I'm lusting after my own Cartier watch that hasn't worked in 1.5 years.

Since 2005, I have made it a tradition to buy myself a piece of jewelry on my birthday. It started with this Cartier Tank watch that I purchased from Mayor's in Brandon, FL on my 34th birthday. I normally don't wear a lot of jewelry or arm candy. I'm a simple watch, wedding ring, and necklace girl. And most pieces of jewelry I've bought for other birthdays cost under $100 (last year was a $36 strand of pearls on sale at Macy's). My Cartier is the most expensive jewelry item (other than my engagement ring) that I've ever owned.

Most of the watches I had growing up were pretty nice and I still own them. From the time I turned 17, I've had mostly Gucci watches that my stepfather either gave me as gifts or that I bought through him when he worked in fine jewelry. He was able to get watches and other jewelry ridiculously cheap with discounts (40-60% off). I also bought my husband his Movado watch for under $300 as a birthday present our first year of dating.

I've been wearing my ceramic white Guess watch for the last year and a half. My mom got it for me and it fit. Most of my Gucci watches are bangles that no longer fit when I was heavy. And my Cartier would barely squeeze on my wrist as well. So I just wore my white fashion watch with everything.

But I miss my Tank watch. I fell in love with it and wore it constantly for 3 years straight. And I paid for it for over a year through my credit line with Mayor's. It's beautiful, timeless, and durable. So off to Forth Worth it goes to get a new battery, servicing, and polishing.

See you in a few weeks old friend.

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  1. I love the Cartier tank too! I have always wanted to buy it but somehow once I have saved up enough $, I end up buying a different watch. :( One day....I'll have my owe! IT is so classy!!!
    Cute blog btw, it's so much fun to connect and make new friends through a blog. :)

    Cheers, Jacquie

    1. Thank you! I love this watch and it looks like it's about $1k more now than when I paid for it back in 2005. I looked at the tank watch several times before buying it. It was a major purchase but I see it as an investment piece.