Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Week's Lust Item - Black Patent Pumps

I can't believe I don't own a pair of classic black pumps. I have these fabric/jute wedges, these Chie Mihara pumps, and these oxford pumps, but not a simple pair of non-embellished black, close-toed heels. How can this be? They should be a staple in my closet, like Gap Favorite or J. Crew tees.

Well I'm making it right this week. While in the mall this past weekend, I went in Aldo to look at these (they are a little higher and have a rounder toe than my Nine West Andrianas). I was hoping the color was more like that of the J. Crew Mona pump I had to sell on ebay after a disappointing fit. But they are the same color as my Nine West heels. So I'll have to think about it as I do want another pair of pink suede pumps with a round toe.

I then turned to find these lovely black patent leather heels sitting on the bottom shelf. The fit was very comfortable and the heel height was just right (2.25" - under 3" is perfect for me!). Goldie-pumps! But for Aldo, I thought $70 was a bit too steep. In comes Chloe with a 10% off coupon (use code LUCKYU31511). Not sure of the expiration date of the coupon code.

I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of posts with these shoes.

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  1. I love your blog and will check it out more closely soon.I lust over a pair of those and try to find how to squeeze things to get them.

    1. I actually ended up returning them as they run small and narrow. I ended up getting a pair of Bandolino Courteous black patent pumps from