Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Forward

I'm so excited about today's post. For the first time in a long while, I don't have to wear an overcoat with my outfit. Nor are my bare legs freezing. And even though the trees are still lacking foliage, there are signs of life all over the ground. I peeled back the protective netting on my daffodils and tulips because the poor things were already poking through. How does this happen so quickly? One minute it's 20 degrees outside and then next day you have 4" of sprouting flowers.

I'm also excited because after four months of driving home in the dark after work, I finally get to see my surroundings again. Growing up in Florida, I never really experienced Daylight Savings. I loved 'falling back' because it simply meant an hour more of sleep. And I really didn't like to 'spring forward' because I would lose my extra napping hour. Did it get darker a little earlier in Florida in the fall? Yes, but by 6pm, not by 4pm like it does up north. I tried explaining this to my realtor and she didn't believe me.

We refilled our propane tank at Lowe's yesterday so that we would have a backup for our grill. Now that we have that extra hour of daylight, I can start to cook out again when I get home from work. And pretty soon we'll be able to eat on our patio, use our Jacuzzi, and put the tarp up over our gazebo. I'm even planning a little weekend trip to Rhode Island for a beach getaway. It's not the same as the beaches in FL, but it soothes the ocean desire at a fraction of the cost.

Every couple of weeks, my husband and I go thrifting. We like to go to Savers and both of us always end up finding some great pieces (see my post here for good scores!). I hit the mother load on Sunday. Staring at me in a cluster of picked-through shoes was a brand new pair of patent leather Vince Camuto peep toe pumps in my size for $14.99! I practically sprinted over to hubby to show him my find. The only thing that was wrong with them was a scuffed heel that can be easily repaired at a cobbler. These shoes retail for $89 at Bloomingdale's and are still available.

I also scored this beautiful eggplant Harve Benard blazer (in a size 8, no less!) for $10. I love the stitching and collar details.

{Blazer: Harve Benard. Thrifted. | Blouse: J. Crew. | Skirt: J. Crew Factory. Similar here. | Shoes: Vince Camuto. Buy them here. | Necklace: J. Crew | Lipstick: MAC Rebel. Buy it here.}
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  1. Love this color combination! The eggplant is beautiful!

    I'm so ready too, for the real spring weather to begin and to free my wardrobe from the confines of the winter coat!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It's rainy and chilly today (I took the above pics yesterday), so the overcoat came back on today. :-( But it's supposed to clear up and be warm by end of week. yay!

  2. Great finds! and very nice outfit!