Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Food Rant

I think all of my family and friends know how much I miss certain restaurants that I had in Florida but no longer have living up north. My first year up here (been here 4 years), I was open and optimistic in trying a lot of new places (hence the 30lb weight gain). But that gets expensive and most times I felt disappointed in my meals. My husband and I have discovered a few noteworthy gems in our area:

{Modern APizza}

I find that most mom and pop places, as well as diners, serve rather bland food. In fact, I think that's the issue I really have with the food up here. It's just bland. Finding good fried chicken that hasn't been over battered and over fried is exhausting.

So now I just cook most of our meals at home. When we do go out, we usually just eat at old standby chain restaurants. But I wanted to share with you some of my favorites that I like to visit back home in Tampa/Clearwater:

  • J. Alexander's - if you haven't had their "Not Your Ordinary Mac and Cheese" you are missing out on oooeey, cheesy goodness.
  • Mugs 'n Jugs - I know what you are thinking. But it's a sports bar with the most amazing (and best selling) boneless chicken wings.
  • Chick-Fil-A - yep, I know it's a fast food restaurant but there are 0 Chick-Fil-As in Connecticut and I miss those little nuggets.
  • Bonefish Grill - it's a chain, but their Bang-Bang shrimp is right-right on!
  • Miller's Ale House - another sports bar but their Zingers are delicious, especially honey mustard and teriyaki.
  • Tina Tapas - used to live in a condo down the street from this restaurant that serves the best Budino I've ever had.

{J. Alexander's Not Your Ordinary Mac and Cheese}

{Bonefish Grill Bang Bang Shrimp}

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  1. That mac and cheese looks yummy! I live in Louisiana so bland food is scarce around here...Of course I have a picky toddler so the food I cook is bland. :)


    1. You probably have a lot of good, spicy food down there! And warm weather. I'm not a big seafood fan but I could go for some crayfish now. :-)