Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage Spade

I absolutely love this Kate Spade bag that I purchased quite a few years ago while living in Florida. I don't carry it enough because it doesn't provide enough room on a daily basis for all my junk. It's also a bit bold in color and was relegated to special events or dining out at fancy smancy restaurants. But with so much color continuing on the runways this spring, my little Spade doesn't look so out of place now.

I also, finally, found a substitute for those beautiful pink J. Crew Mona heels that I had to sell on eBay. I loved the berry color and rounded toe but just couldn't handle the 4" heel. So I searched and searched for a comparable pair and finally came across these Nine West Andriana heels. They're a little darker than the Monas, but quite comfortable, especially with the just under 3" heel. And they were on sale for $31! However, they didn't have them in my size online. Unlike J. Crew, where I can fetch Erica to find a sale item for me in a store and have her ship it to my house, Nine West won't do a search for you via their website representatives. However, if you call a Nine West store, not only will they search for you but they will ship the shoes to you for free! I found these puppies in a size 8 in New Jersey and had them the very next day. How 'bout that?! I'm also thinking about getting the dark blue pair as well.

{Blouse: Loft. Buy it here. Similar here. | Jeans: Old Navy Boyfriend. Similar here. | Necklace: Asos | Jacket: Forever 21. Buy it here. | Belt: Asos | Shoes: Nine West. Buy them in select sizes here. Other colors available.}
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