Monday, February 6, 2012

Thrift Store Treasures

I had to get front and back brakes and rotors on Saturday, which was a hefty amount charged on my credit card. As I was waiting, I went across the street to grab some free onion rings at Burger King as they were having a weekend promotion. Since I had time to kill, I walked next door to a store I've driven past numerous times but had no clue what they sold. Turns out "Savers" is an upscale Goodwill with a consignment store feel. Yippee!!! Usually when I walk into Goodwill, an 'ick' factor washes over me. But Savers was clean, bright, and had higher quality items without the consignment store markup.

As I was combing the blazer aisle, I couldn't believe my eyes. A beautiful slate gray Giorgio Armani blazer for $12.99! What the what?! Are you kidding me?! Okay, first - why would anyone part with an Armani blazer and second - is that the correct price? Oh yes, indeedy it was. Things just kept getting better as I came across a camel colored double-breasted blazer, again for $12.99. Oh, and I have to add that both blazers are size 10! That made me feel really good. Too bad I'm not smaller because I saw a few pieces from Theory and Zara that wanted to come home with me as well. One final item I purchased was a black pleather skirt that was on my closet essentials list.  And at $5.99, it was a steal! Can't wait to pair it with my J. Crew Tartan shirt I got on sale.

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