Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Week's Lust Item - Colored Jeans

I'm really wanting to jump on the bandwagon for colored denim. It just seems like regular, blue washed denim is boring. Why not add pops of color to your wardrobe with bright jeans? So what's the problem? Well my size. I always, always have to size up in the denim department. And when you're already a curvy gal, it's not fun sizing up. And my options are limited. I dressed in pretty much only Old Navy and Gap for three years, I don't want to have those be my only options again in the jeans department. I own a pair of Old Navy black Rockstar skinny jeans. They itch and have a chemical odor that no amount of washing will eliminate. and have a limited selection. I actually tried on a pair of Always Skinny at the Gap Outlet yesterday and loved the fit and look. However, when I got to the register, each pair was $60! For outlet jeans! I've never paid retail for anything at Gap Outlet and I'm not about to start. So I'll keep my eyes open for sales and other options. My top color picks: red, yellow, green, and hot pink. Mint jeans would be lovely, too.

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  1. I'm the same. Window shopping so far for them but will be buying a pair very soon. Just want to make sure the pair I get washes well. Nothing worse than when jeans completely stretch after one wash.

    1. Well I did a little online shopping today and got these in yellow:
      Didn't want a neon yellow. I also went onto Delia's site and bought these on sale for $14.99. Not sure how either pair are going to fit but we'll see.