Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little online shopping...

My Delia's order came in the mail last night. I'm pretty excited to wear these hot pink jeans that I got on sale for $14.99. I'm seeing all kinds of pairing possibilities (black, navy, yellow, mint...). I'm also really pleased with the fit and quality. I had been eyeing this faux fur vest for a couple of weeks now and finally bought it (on sale for $19.99). I have to say that it is true to size (I got a Large) and coloring. It just needs a little hand brushing from being in the plastic packaging. Nice kitty.

Maybe I'll just pair them together this weekend when I go to Massachusetts. I'm planning a trip to the most fabulous grocery mecca ever. If you love food and big, glitzy grocery stores, then you have to go to Wegmans. It's two hours from my house but every time I drive to Pittsburgh to see family, I stop at Wegmans along the way. I can't even describe this store, so I'll just have to take pics and show you on Sunday!

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  1. love those hot pink jeans!

  2. Yeah, can't wait to wear them. Came in the mail last night and I tried them on this morning. Very comfortable. And you can't beat $15!