Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hampton's Wife

I am so not a Hampton's wife!
  • I've never been to the Hampton's. Although I could drive there or take the Port Jefferson ferry to Long Island.
  • Been on boats, never a yacht.
  • I'm a native Floridan hick. Grew up in Pinellas Park, FL.
  • I don't have a personal trainer, chef, or maid.
  • I do own the required small dog, a sweet and adorable Chihuahua who turns 10 next month.
  • I've tasted foie gras and caviar. I can't believe people eat that crap.
  • I drive a Saturn Vue. Enough said.
Just because I'm not a Hampton's wife, doesn't mean I can't indulge in some fake fur, pearls, and a sleek bun. Oh Muffy, how you do carry on!

I was too lazy to blow dry my hair today and thought I would try out my new foam bun maker I got on ebay. Turns out it works better on wet hair than dry. I dyed my skunk stripe last night and will be touching up my highlights tomorrow.

So this is what I wore on my trip to Northborough, MA to shop at Wegmans.

{Shirt: Gap Favorite. Buy it here. | Jeans: Delia's. Buy them here for $15!. | Vest: Delia's. Buy it here for $20!. | Necklace: Thrifted | Watch: Guess | Boots: Dolce & Gabanna | Lip Tar: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Pretty Boy. Buy it here.}
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  1. Love the vest!

    xo Ashleigh

  2. Nice outfit your fur and the color of the jeans..good choises :D

    Let's visit my blog and if you like it follow me, i will be really grateful :)
    The Spotted Cherry Pie

    Have a nice day!

  3. Fab look, love the gilet and those pink trousers!

  4. Thanks, everyone. I love the vest as well although it did shed a lot yesterday. I hope to have a post up next week on my Rachel Roy gilet.

  5. love the color of those jeans!