Monday, February 20, 2012

Green Pants and Lagerfeld Jacket

I own a pair of J. Crew Cafe Capri pants (seen here) that I love. And I've been debating buying the green pair but they are still full price ($89.50). I was in the mall today and was looking around JC Penney when I spotted a really nice replica of the J. Crew capris. They didn't have my size but I was able to order them online and will have them shipped to the store for free. Best part - they were $30!

{J. Crew Cafe Capris. Buy them here in Warm Jade.}

{Worthington Relaxed Fit Ankle Pants. Buy them here in Impact Green.}

I also must have been living under a rock last year when Karl Lagerfeld made a collection for Macy's. As I was walking into Macy's this evening, out of the corner of my eye, and a pretty good distance away, I spotted an unusual jacket hanging on a clearance rack. I don't even remember walking over to it. I must have been transported with angels singing. Okay, I walked over to it. It's a size Medium but fits really well across the back and in the arms. Stay tuned for my post with this jacket and my new tweed skirt I got at the thrift store today.

As with most jackets, if I want to zip them over my large chest, they would swim in the shoulders, arms, and basically all over. I can't stand how out of proportion my chest is to the rest of my frame. Best part is that I paid $21 for this Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's jacket.  Score, score, score!!!!

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