Monday, January 2, 2012

Working Girl

Today is a Federal Holiday. Not a single company, except the one I work for, is in the entire five building office complex. Nada. No traffic coming to work and I anticipate there will be none going home either. And I have to wonder - why would my company observe President's Day and Columbus Day, but not New Year's? It just baffles me.

I'm finally feeling better from the cold that took me down last week. So I gussied up today. Decided to wear my new jewelled Asos collar to jazz up my Tabitha blouse from J. Crew. And let's not forget my bargain ($6.50!) peep toe leopard pumps.

I'm also trying a new camera approach. Until I can afford a fancy pants SLR, I take my photos with my iPhone 4S. I loaded the free, Photo Timer camera app on my phone, set up a makeshift tripod (my chair and a plastic container to lean my phone against) and found the best corner of the room to take my pics. Haven't figured out how to pose yet (or get rid of the freaky Blade Runner eyes), but I'll get better at it.

{Blouse: J. Crew Tabitha. Buy it here. | Skirt: New York & Co. (old) | Collar: Asos. Buy it here (on sale!). | Shoes: JC Penney. Buy them here (on sale!). | Lipstick: MAC Rebel. Buy it here.}
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