Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wardrobe Mash Up

I didn't start losing weight until May '11 and although I've lost almost 30 lbs and am able to once again shop in my favorite stores (J. Crew, etc.), I feel like I've lost touch with the fashion industry. Before losing weight, my staples consisted of jeans and cardigans - pretty much from Old Navy or Gap (because that's what fit). My shoes were mostly comfortable, flat boots in black or brown or Fit Flops. I dressed sloppy, felt sloppy, and was generally miserable in my own skin.

I'm taking baby steps to try and understand the anything-goes-color-scheme that has come about over the last three years that I was heavy. I have a makeup artist certification. I've been taught color theory. I know complementary colors. I understand the color wheel. But color wheels don't address stripes and patterns. And when has it become acceptable to use every color on the wheel to build the outfit of the day? I totally get pairing a pink shirt with a green skirt or pants. Pink is a shade of red and red is opposite green on the color wheel, so they are complimentary. However, when you start adding in a yellow cardigan and a blue belt and pairing it with leopard heel - it just seems like wardrobe mash up to me.

For the most part, I like how Blogger Wardrobe Oxygen puts her outfits together. However, I just couldn't move past this particular outfit. The blouse and skirt are very flattering to her full figure. But this is a perfect example of the frustration I feel when looking in my own closet. I never would have put this combination together. I love the pop of color the pink belt adds to the jewel tones of the outfit, but to me, this outfit feels forced, trendy, and off. It's too much color blocking. And if we didn't have enough of the rainbow spectrum going on, let's add in a cobalt blue bag.

Here is a great example of color blocking. Bee at Atlantic-Pacific always does it right! Purple and yellow are complimentary colors on the color wheel (think of how beautiful an Iris is). And even though her jacket is neon, it's still a close enough shade to her blouse to be complimentary. Notice how she keeps the accessories neutral with tans, golds, and blacks.

Another favorite is Emily's pop of pink, suede Mona pumps from J. Crew. And although that blouse looks black, the stripes are actually blue (I own that blouse). There's also enough distance between her shoes and bag that the pink and orange aren't clashing. There's stripes, there's pops of color, but the outfit as a whole just works.

I'm all for color, I'm all for taking risks with fashion, but I think it should be done with one or two items, while keeping the rest of the outfit neutral. But again, maybe this is all part of my need to catch up to the changing fashion industry. But if two of the top fashion Bloggers get it right consistently, I must be seeing something, too. No?
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