Friday, January 20, 2012

This Week's Lust Items

I looked in my closet this morning and although I have colorful skirts, all my pants are drab neutrals.  Pretty much just black, gray, and white.  When you have an ample bottom half, the fun colored pants just aren't available in larger sizes. From the time I can remember, I have always had a stubborn stomach pooch. Even when I weighed 98lbs in high school, I had a tummy pooch. Couple the pooch with baby making hips (I have no babies, don't need the hips), and it results in skirts riding up higher in the back and having to go up 1-2 pants sizes larger than my top half (and there's no shortage up there either).

Luckily, J. Crew makes a few of their fun, spring pants in ample bootie sizes.  I'm currently lusting after this green Cafe Capri (shown with my Wildcat blouse I got last week):

I'm also lusting after these beautiful Waterfloral Cafe Capris. But at $228, I need a huge sale!

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