Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Week's Lust Item

I measure most of my food when I'm at home. I have to. Keeps my daily calorie count on track so I don't gain back the 30lbs I painstakingly lost since last May. It also gives me a visual of what a portion size looks like so that I don't overeat when I don't have my measuring cups, spoons, and scale nearby. I use my measuring cups for things like pasta, rice, and potatoes. My scale is primarily used for weighing 3oz of meat. It's also used to measure 5 - 8oz of No-No juice (i.e., wine). And my measuring spoons help keep my fats in check (butter, oils, and sauces).

Although I have decent Williams Sonoma measuring cups and spoons that I hang from a rack in the kitchen, I came across this ingenius little milk bottle that would look o-so-cute on my kitchen counter (hubby thinks so, too). Each cup is color coded with fill lines indicated on the inside. I find that I'm constantly washing my measuring cups and spoons so to have another {adorable} set, would be most helpful. Too bad I already used my 15% off birthday card discount this month (shame you can't use it on multiple purchases).

{Milk Bottle Measuring Cups: Anthropologie. Buy it here.}
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