Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I'm just going to cry all day. Because today is the last day I will ever see my 30s. I've never had an issue with getting older. Turning 30 - whoo hoo bring it!  Turning 35 - I'm older and hopefully wiser. Maybe that's just being a Capricorn. But man, this turning 40 stuff has been bothering me for months. Maybe it's because I've never actually felt the age I was turning. But this year, I've had to pull out the reading glasses, I've noticed the lines in my forehead, and it's harder for me to get up from sitting Indian style on my area rug while cutting coupons. And now I just noticed a "40"% off coupon from Banana Republic staring at me on my desk.

What I should be doing is thanking my lucky stars that I got my blood pressure under control (weight loss and meds), married a wonderful, adoring man that I can grow old with, am about to have a visit from my beautiful, sweet nephew whom I love as if I had given birth to him, have a good-paying job and a cute, little New England house. Yep. I'm pretty lucky.

Hmmm, maybe turning 40 is the new 30!

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