Saturday, January 14, 2012

Perfect Pearl Necklace

I'm in search of the perfect collar pearl necklace. Ever since following atlantic-pacific blog (I love Bee and her wardrobe!), I've been on the hunt for a similar multi-strand twisted choker pearl necklace like hers. Unfortunately, Bee's necklace is an old Banana Republic choker. So I have a few options that I'm contemplating.

{This is a J. Crew twisted pearl necklace that I found on ebay. Buy it here.}

Bee recommended this necklace from Lauren Elan. However, it's $150, whereas the J. Crew necklace above is approximately $40.00.

{Elena twisted pearl necklace by Lauren Elan Collections. Buy it here.}

I'm now starting to think a little outside the box and am looking at pearl collar necklaces on Etsy. I love my Asos collar and get compliments on it, why not get the same effect in a little pearl number. However, it would limit the number of shirts I could wear it with.

{Vintage White Ruffle Pearl Collar Necklace. Buy it here.}
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