Friday, December 9, 2011

Shoe Organization

I live in a 1950s New England cape. Coming from Florida, where all block homes are stucco and look the same, I wanted a little charm when we moved to Connecticut. I got the charm, but also got small closets, low ceilings, and overall small rooms.

Until recently, I had my shoes and clothes spread out between the main level and the upstairs bedrooms. My husband and I were sharing the small closet in the master bedroom on the main level for everyday clothes and shoes. Upstairs, in the tiny, sloped closets, is where we kept seasonal clothes, purses, and totes of clothes that no-longer-fit-but-we're-hopeful-we'll-be-able-to-once-again-squeeze-into-someday.

The other night I decided to do some rearranging. I let the husband have the master bedroom closet in exchange for the 2 1/2 closets upstairs. We have an even smaller closet at the top of the stairs where I moved all my winter coats. After I shower on the main level in the mornings, I go upstairs to do my hair and apply my makeup. Why not have my clothes and shoes up there as well? Everything on one level - makes sense, no?

And now that I'm incorporating heels into my daily wardrobe, I wanted to be able to see them all. After all, my shoes and purses are like little pieces of art for me. The two bedrooms upstairs have not be dormered out. Meaning the roof line has not been raised to accommodate more head space. There are awkward little nooks where only munchkin furniture can go. Or where shoes can go! Munchkin shoes! I found the perfect, little spot behind the bedroom door to place my two shoe shelves. I also have an over-the-door shoe holder that fits perfectly since the door does not open fully because of the roof line.

Here are my beauties...

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