Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Preppy Panther

It's no secret that I can drop some major coin on shoes and handbags. I look at them as little works of art for my feet and arms. So I'm really stunned that I'm reaching for my el cheapo, but cuteto faux suede leopard peep toe shoes three days in a row. They're incredibly comfortable with my freakishly larger right foot (heel issues, surgeries). I got them on clearance from JC Penney over the weekend. I had a $10 coupon and they ended up costing me $6.50! That's right, the decimal is after the 6, not the 0. And I'm surprised that they are blending in so well with a lot of my outfits. Usually I pick out my outfit the night before so that I'm not standing in front of my closet, mouth agape, wondering what magical combination will tumble out. It's been unusually warm the last couple of days (and still no snow on the ground). So I'm taking advantage of not having to cover up from head to toe in winter garb. I'm gonna milk a sockless look as long as I can.

My jacket is vintage J. Crew. Okay, it's probably about five years old. I love the little pink pinstripes on the sleeves when you roll them up.  Haven't worn this blazer in awhile because of the 27lbs of extra weight I'd been carrying for the last three years. So glad it finally fits once again.

I've never been one to don a belt around my natural waist for aesthetic reasons. Belts to me have always been...well until I lost weight they've always been just hanging in my closet. But now I realize I need them to hold my jeans up. But I'm starting to embrace the trend of just wearing them as an accessory. The belt I have on today is also from my weekend bargain shopping. Got this one and a black one for $5 total!

{Jacket: J. Crew | Cowl neck tee: Gap. Buy other colors here. | Jeans: Gap | Belt: Claire's Boutique | Shoes: JC Penney. Buy them here. | Watch: Guess. Buy it here. | Bag: Coach Sabrina | Lipstick: Covergirl Hot Passion. Buy it here.}
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