Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello Dorothy!

Who wouldn't want a glamorous pair of ruby red slippers? Okay, how about just ruby red platform heels that make your legs look uber sexy? I've had my eye on these beautiful sandals since I first discovered

What's Zara? Think J. Crew's high end selection (you know - the $200 silk blouses and $300 blazers) only at much more affordable prices ($60-100 blazers, $30-50 blouses). Zara is a Spanish company with stores worldwide. I've been to two Zara stores in Manhattan and it felt like I was walking into a high end boutique with the sophisticated lighting and Domino-esque glass (and rather snobby sales associates). And maybe that's just their NY stores. There's a Zara in my hometown in Tampa that I haven't visited yet and another one in Stamford, CT that I plan to visit in the next couple of months. Maybe these stores don't exude such posh atmospheres. If going to the stores isn't your thing, hop onto their website that's only been in operation for a few months. A word of caution, though. I tried to shop via my tablet and wasn't able to complete my transaction. I had to use my laptop instead. Their site just can't support mobile devices yet.

If you follow other fashion blogs, you'll start to notice that key pieces of their wardrobe are from Zara. I found the quality of their products to be comparable to J. Crew's, but the uniqueness far outweighs J. Crew's sometimes boring Jackie cardigans and vast array of novelty tees. Their sizes do run small. An XL shirt is equivalent to a size 12-14 (closer to a 12). Even their shoe sizes run small. Normally in a peep toe heel or open sandal I can wear a 7.5. With my new ruby reds, I ordered an 8 (European size 39) to be on the safe side. So glad I did as they fit perfectly. And although these shoes are beyond my normal, comfortable 3.5 - 3.75" heel height (the heel is 4.6"!), they have a nice, high platform to compensate making them feel more like that of a 3" heel. Did I mention they were on sale for $69.99?!

{Zara Wide Heel Sandal with Stones. Buy them here.}
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