Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Heels without pain?

My love of high heels started late in life. Uh, about 6 weeks ago. Why so late? I never really understood the appeal of pain over comfort. I'm also afraid of heights and have a great fear of falling. You won't catch me riding a roller coaster. EVER.

Every time I've tried to wear high heels in the past, I just end up miserable. That's before I tried platforms and wedges. When platforms came out a few years ago, I thought they were the most ridiculous things. I thought the purpose of them was so women can now break their ankles over 6" spiky heels instead of 5". I didn't realize the value of them until I tried them on. For women, like myself, who have issues with heels over 3.5", they provide an extra 1/2" - 1" of support to relieve the pressure on the balls of your feet. So you can still look tall and sexy in 4" heels but really your back, hips, and ankles are only supporting a 3" - 3.5" heel height. Genius!

My Nine West Peep Toe platforms are probably my most comfortable heels. I got them on sale for $30 at DSW. Come Spring, I will probably buy more colors to add to my collection. They have a 2.75" heel, which on its own would be fine. However, for added comfort, the shoe has a suede 1/2" platform. I can walk in these just like I walk in flats. Heck, I bet if I had to do a Carrie Bradshaw sprint after Aiden Shaw's dog in these heels, I could!

{Nine West Sharina. Buy them here.}

The other type of comfy heel I've discovered is the wedge. At first I just thought the wedge was limited to summertime espadrilles. Not so! Wedges are now found in booties, pumps, and gladiator sandals. With a wedge heel, I can go up to 4" and still be comfortable. They are even better with a platform toe, which most are designed with. What's great about wedges is the stability of the sole. There's no wobbly heel to worry about. It's the the height of a heel with the benefit of a smooth, flat bottom surface.

I love my gray Divided wedges from H&M, as well as my Dolce Vita Jade wedges. Each has a 4" heel, which makes me appear as though I'm a 5'8" glamazon. Not! But they do give me the added height for a leaner appearance. My arches love the 1.5" platform, making these wedges equivalent to a 2.5" heel.  

{Divided wedges by H&M}

{Dolce Vita Jade wedges in Magenta. Buy them here.}

As a sad note, I must address the beloved J. Crew Mona pump. Oh how I wanted to love thee. You are so beautiful and I got you for a good deal on eBay. I really wanted your cousin, Miss Mona Patina, but sadly you are just too painful and entirely too difficult to walk in. You offer no arch support, no platform toe support. Just 4" straight up sky high. I must now bid farewell to you. RIP.

{J. Crew Mona Pump in Wild Berry. Buy them here.}

{J. Crew Mona Pump in Patina. No longer available.}
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