Saturday, December 24, 2011

DIY Felt Hair Clips

I started making little felt hair clips a couple of months ago. I buy the felt and ribbon supplies from JoAnn Fabric and Michael's. At first I was just using a rough template of circles that I drew. Then I came across this template from I made three of these little Christmas hair clips (two for a co-worker's daughters) the other night. I cut out four circles total, each one smaller than the next, for each clip. I align the circles off center and use a dot of fabric glue to glue each circle together. I typically glue on rhinestones on the smallest circle to glam the hair clips up a bit, but found these cute self-adhesive red sparkle circles at Michael's that I thought would be perfect for Christmas.

I get my duck bill clips from Ulta. For gluing the ribbon on metal clips and the rhinestones on the felt, I found the fabric glue wasn't strong enough. I had a small bottle of Super Glue that works just fine. For the clip, just cut enough ribbon that will cover the entire front side of the metal clip, around the hinge, and partially down the back. Apply a layer of Super Glue to the clip and place the ribbon onto the clip. You'll need to hold down the ribbon over the hinge portion for a few seconds as it tends to pop off otherwise.

Using the Super Glue, apply a layer on the top of the ribbon (adhered to the clip) and then adhere the felt circles to the clip. Let dry for a view minutes and voila!, you have a cute hair accessory in no time!

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