Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Custom Retro Dresses

I have an hourglass, full figure. Even with weight fluctations throughout my 20s and 30s, I've always had my grandmother's large bosom and the milkman's trunk (yeah, no clue where my full bum came from). Finding dresses that fit properly have always been a challenge. So I usually just wear separates.

I stumbled upon The Petite Sophisticate over the weekend. I was actually looking up when Petite Sophicate (the store) went out of business as I had just purchased a Petite Sophicate black velvet blazer from a vintage store on Sunday. My search led me to Sadie Stein's blog.

As I'm going through a retro phase right now, I was pleased that she posted a couple of links to her favorite retro stores. One of them is an Etsy store that makes custom, retro dresses based on your measurements! Each dress is reasonably priced around $100 or less. When I showed the online store to my husband, he asked if I wanted to pick out a few for Christmas.  Well I guess my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree at this thoughtful and cool gift.

Here are the three dresses I picked out. One is a replica of Carrie Bradshaw's (I'm SATC obsessed!) pinstripe suit she wears when visiting her editor at Vogue. The Original Galaxy dress is a Dita Von Teese inspiration. I ordered it in dark gray. For the Karen Wiggle dress, I ordered it in dark navy with back belt, sleeve trim, and chiffon bow. I love the dark navy and black combination that is in this fall.

Once you pay for the dresses, Cynthia emails you which measurements she needs. I had to have my husband's help with some of the measurements (e.g., jacket length, skirt length, dress length, shoulder to shoulder width, etc.). She and her two assistants whip up the dresses and mail them to you 2-3 weeks after placing your order.

Karen Wiggle dress
Sex and the City inspired suit
Original Galaxy - Dita Von Teese inspired dress
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